About Us

About Us: Trending Aspire is an emerging technology media platform that aims to support the startup culture in Pakistan. A strong proponent of the changes occurring in the dynamics of entrepreneurial world, Trending Aspire brings the latest news and reviews about technology, fitness, and entertainment. At one end, it equips people with the tools required to survive in technological world, while at the other end, it provides them weight loss and health tips. Being the point of convergence for entrepreneurial guidance, industry research and news, it assists those business owners, tech enthusiasts, students or executives that are willing to make an impact in the world and earn money online.

Our Core Values

We believe in five core values:

● customer value
● action-based integrity
● diversity
● peace
● harmony

Our Mission and Vision

Trending Aspire came into a being as a result of a simple observation:

People need to have a platform that could save them from being a victim of half baked news and shallow analysis.

This observation led us to lay the foundation of a platform that could provide people the most authentic information about the latest trends and emerging technologies. We set this our goal to help people gain an insight about this new age of business and technology.

Our Goals

To harness the potential of entrepreneurial ecosystem, by paving people towards the latest business development and technological changes.

Trending Aspire intents to:

  • support new startups emanating from the land of Pakistan.
  • strengthen the mental faculties of tech enthusiasts with open discussions about business and technology.
  • incite interest in young generation to take charge of their future with inspirational stories
  • offer a professional advice and how-to guides to the exciting new startups.

Our Team

We have a team of tech geeks, entrepreneurs and executives who want to create a perfect blend of creativity and authenticity. They harness the power of advanced technological knowledge and come up with innovative ideas and concepts. They channelize all their efforts to turn their vision into reality, creating a compelling future for the generations to come.