How difficult life is for a social outcast?

Social Outcast

How difficult life is for a social outcast? There are many people who do relate to the Harry Potter characters. Some think they resemble with Hermione in terms of their obsession with books and an excessive reading habit while others think Luna’s innocence reminds them of their own. I relate to a character- that most people call me nuts for- Neville Longbottom.

I don’t know what Neville has, but whatever he has, provokes me to draw reminiscence from my own childhood. I feel a strong connection with him. Not just the fact that we both have been bullied the same way, makes me feel that he is my brother from a pichla janam but also the way he behaves. His clumsiness is what fascinates me the most, for it reminds me of my own quality of being awkward.

Just like Neville, people label my tendency of-not-being-so-cool a character flaw. They constantly make fun of me, and with the shards of my shattered confidence, I keep drawing courage to battle these verbal abuses. My own wit and eloquence come to my rescue.

The life is not so easy for people like us. We have to face challenges on a daily basis. Even a simple act to communicate with strangers become a challenge for us. We get so self-conscious that we start taking more time than the usual to compose our thoughts, which makes others bored. Thus, we don’t become a joke-sharing peer but a joke ourselves.

As if it was not enough, we also have to become what others want us to be so that we can ‘fit in’. This race leads us nowhere. Neither we become what we aspire to be, nor we remain ourselves. We become an impaired reflection of someone else’s thoughts. We reach a point where no matter how many times, we discover the hiders in a hide-and-seek game, we do not get our I-FOUND-YOU moment. We have to beg for it without hoping we would ever get it.

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