The Trend of Omni Channel Marketing in Pakistan

Omni Channel Marketing In Pakistan

You must have noticed how quickly the paradigm of marketing has shifted in the past few years. From the old, monotonous push-based marketing strategies, the focus has directed towards the implementation of non-intrusive marketing strategies so that customers can get drawn towards the product themselves, without having the marketers imposing it onto them.

Now, marketers are more engaged towards providing users personalized, seamless and user-friendly experiences through multiple channels and on many devices so that they can convert within no time. In Pakistan too, the practice of selling goods and products in a customer-friendly way has become a prevalent phenomenon due to the efforts of retail stores. They make sure to not only make an exorbitant amount of money but also elevate the stature of e-commerce industry in Pakistan with the help of their effective strategies.

Omni Channel Marketing Strategies That Retail Stores in Pakistan Make

Pakistani retailing stores make sure that they focus on the following strategies while implementing an omni-channel, multi-device approach:

  • They review the experience that customers have to go through while making a purchase so that they can make any necessary amendments if the results are not up to the mark.
  • They understand the needs and preferences of their customers with the help of the data they have accumulated from them over a period of time.
  • They make sure to segment their audience so that they can serve them accordingly.

They keep their customers engaged with their effective content and messaging strategies.

The retail ecosystem of Pakistan adopts this marketing policy by taking into account each device and platform that customer uses so that they can incorporate them together to provide user the best omni-channel experience. They make sure that they devise their strategy in a way that their customers get to purchase goods and products seamlessly.

In the light of this common notion that technology has a decisive role in today’s age, they ensure it has been integrated to their internal retailing structure well. They focus upon integrating POS retail software to keep a track customer personal information, billing and shipping details, inventory management, and staff payroll effectively. They also create awareness about their products through social-media campaigns, initiate loyalty programs, and incorporate click-and-collect functionalities to their system.

Pakistani retailing arc combine their online and in-store marketing teams, employees and compensation teams and weave them together. They incentivize their employees for this purpose so that they can support this move and carry it forward. They create a fusion of two separate marketing worlds: digital and traditional to maximize their online and in-store sales. They also run innovative marketing campaigns to offer their customers a seamless, impeccable experience.

The e-tailing sector of Pakistan makes sure that they provide their customers an extensive knowledge of their portfolio and equip them with a set of tools so that they can harness them to select the products that would their own preferences.They work ceaselessly to make the process of shipping flexible for their customers so that they can shop with ease and comfort. This is why they become able to win the approval of their customers within a short span of time.

Pakistani e-tailers are aware of the fact that omni-channel buyers have a 30% higher lifetime value than mono-channel buyers so they make sure that their customers can reap the benefits of omnichannel shopping. Also, they know that it will create a massive impact on their revenue charts so they keep integrating such marketing techniques to their system.

Recently,, one of the most eminent retailing store of Pakistan has disclosed reaching the billion-rupee milestone in its Black Friday Sale. Besides, Foodpanda has also revealed making a huge profit with a huge volume of seventy thousand orders in the top four metropolitan cities of Pakistan. The best part about these results is that they will lead Pakistan further towards the road of creativity and innovation. However, the retailing stores of Pakistan have to continue catering to the preferences of both new and old customers, otherwise they will lose their grip and strength in the modern e-commerce sector.

Fizza A. Rabbani

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