Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Trending Aspire may requires personal information, such as your name, address or contact number, to help you with a subscription. We do not intend to keep the information as a basis to keep a further correspondence with you if you don’t want. Trending Aspire’s Business Showcase does not give, transfer, share or sell any personal information of the users with non-affiliated companies. We share the information only with our trusted partners after signing strict confidentiality contracts, and do not grant them any independent right to share the respective information. We make a sincere effort to help you to participate actively in our contests, forum and site with our proven strategies and strict policies.

User- Activity Analysis

We employ web traffic analyzers to monitor the activity of the user on the website. We make sure to identify unauthorized attempts to make unnecessary changes in the site. Our software is not limited to analyzing the browsers, operating system or screen resolutions but also keep a track of the visitor’s information.

Subscription to Newsletters

If the users want to keep up-to-date with the content being uploaded on our website, they need to subscribe to our email newsletters. For that, the key requirement, we ask for, are contact details like email, first and last name, mobile number, their website address if they have etc. We value the information and do not use it for any personal gain. Recipients can also unsubscribe to the newsletters as per their wish.

Privacy practices of external websites

Trending Aspire contains a multitude of external links but that does not hold us responsible for the marketing strategies or the web practices of other sites.

Advertising Partners

Users must keep in mind that we use third party advertisements on our site so our advertising partners may check your cookies to get an idea of your interests and preferences. Our advertising partners believe in user-centric ads so they may read cookies on your browsers to show you ads of goods and services  based on your interest.

Contact Information

If you have any general support question, you can reach out to us at